The Society Legacy Partner program offers some great opportunities for networking.

  • Our online and printed Membership Directories are legendary for staying in touch. You can find your friends listed in the directory. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your friends from the FBI.
  • Our website has a multitude of forums on many topics, some dedicated to issues particularly important to our Legacy Partners.
  • Join our private Facebook group dedicated to the Legacy Partners.


We know you want to stay informed about your Society and Bureau friends.

  • the Grapevine magazine has been a reliable source for news of your friends from the FBI, but did you know it also has features on second careers, financial-investment strategies, insurance decisions, travel opportunities and more?
  • The Society Scoop, our weekly e-newsletter, keeps you informed on timely member news and Society offerings.
  • The Washington 411 blog keeps you advised on inside-the-Beltway information that could affect your government health benefits, your annuity or the FBI.



Each year the Society’s Foundation offers numerous scholarships for the children and grandchildren of its members and deceased members. The scholarships range from $2,500 up to $20,000 annually and are based on both financial-need and merit. There are $2,500 merit-only scholarships just for the children of Agents. Total scholarship budget has increased annually for years thanks to the generosity of donors and to prudent investments. The Society provides press releases in local papers and to schools. These scholarships are very prestigious, and can be a great reference when beginning a career or applying for graduate school.

We provide information and support to help you navigate the myriad of federal benefits. Call the Society for help with this difficult transition. Our Executive Director, Nancy Savage, a retired Special Agent and a Legacy Partner, knows how much it means to continue your connection to the FBI Family you hold so dear. Print or view our Retirement Handbook & Guidelines for Survivors.

Through our trusted partner, the Campbell Group, the Society offers life, long-term care, personal firearms liability, and liability insurance. These are member-only policies, available solely to Regular Members and Legacy Partners at great rates.

Our Foundation quietly and continually offers needed assistance for members, their families and other FBI family members when misfortune strikes. The Foundation responds aggressively to natural disasters, helping members both on the ground and with immediate expenses. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire — the Society will have your back!

Tired of hearing blatant untruths about the FBI? Our Information Committee is tirelessly correcting the record, holding pundits accountable, and advocating for significant law enforcement issues with the media and Congress. It has taken a front-line position for years in efforts to get former Special Agent Bob Levinson returned from Iran, is addressing the cyber-threat to our country and has advocated tirelessly for the FBI budget.

Join with other Legacy Partners in supporting new widows and widowers.

Be part of the fun Legacy Group at Society Annual Conferences.