Our History

The Foundation’s History Program seeks to connect our generations through history in two different ways — by sponsoring historical events, such as the one held at the Benson House in Long Island, NY in June 2014 as well as through supporting the Oral History Program.


Listing of Historical Committee Columns from the Grapevine
       (Click on the title to open a .pdf. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these files.)

A Tale of Two Men (June 2017)

The Abrupt and Fearless Character of FBI Special Agent Charles B. Winstead (May 2017)

Operation Greylord (April 2017)

Kidnapping for Ransom: Bad Business Model (March 2017)

View of Vétheuil (Jan/Feb 2017)

Just My Luck (December 2016)

Our Man of Peace in a Time of War (December 2016)

When Destiny Commands (December 2016)

The Busko Affair (November 2016)

Fireball - TWA Flight 800 (September/October 2016)

Chilbom (August 2016)

“Grey Sunset” Freeh’s men versus the Freemen 20th Anniversary of the Surrender (July 2016)

Leonard Peltier's Prison Escape (June 2016)

The Pizza Connection (May 2016)

The El Rukn Libyan Terrorist Conspiracy (April 2016)

The Macros Affair (March 2016)

The Patty Hearst/SLA Case (January/February 2016)

Big Paul’s Christmas Gift (December 2015)

Crosby’s Luck (November 2015)

Murder beyond the Reef (September/October 2015)

Sante and the Slave Girls (August 2015)

The Kidnap Racket: E.J. Connelley and the Weyerhaeuser Kidnapping (June 2015)

The Story of Charles A. Appel, Jr., Founder of the FBI Laboratory (March 2015)

Abscam (January/February 2015)

The Witness (November 2014)

Watergate: Forty Years Later (June/July 2014)

A Gift of History — Continued (May 2014)

Cartha "Deke" DeLoach (April 2014)

Edward S. Miller (March 2014)

From Hoya Hoops Star to FBI Agent (January/February 2014)

The Pan Am 103 Case — Terror of Lockerbie, Scotland (December 2013)

The JFK Assassination — 50 Years Later (November 2013)

RESMURS: Murders of SAs Jack Coler & Ron Williams (October 2013)

NYROB — Turning Point in Terrorism Investigation (September 2013)

America's First Hero of World War II (July/August 2013)

Mississippi Burning (June 2013)

Old Man Dynamite (May 2013)

A Courageous Double Agent (April 2013)

Bert Stickler (March 2013)

Early FBI Firearms (Winter-Jan/Feb 2013)

Just My Luck (December 2012)


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