Director Wray Letter to Law Enforcement
Message from the Director

Director Wray Letter to Law Enforcement 

April 20, 2020
Dear Colleagues, 

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented obstacles to everyone around the world, and those of us in law enforcement are no exception.  Like the FBI, your agencies face evolving array of challenges unlike any we've seen before.  I want you to know that we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, and we'll get through this challenge as we have every other - together. 

  I want to express my deep appreciation for our law enforcement personnel across the country who bravely place themselves in harm's way every day - and who now face even greater risks to their health and safety because of COVID-19.  I also want to extend my sincere condolences, on behalf of the entire FBI, for the loss of life in so many departments across the nation.  When we lose members of our law enforcement family, it's not just our loss. Communities lose a protector.  Young people lose a role model and mentor.  And families lose someone who meant the world to them. We know we'll lose others in the months to come, and we'll brace ourselves for that as best we can.

  Like you, the FBI has had to mourn the loss of our own.  And like you, we have colleagues and their family members falling ill and requiring quarantine, which is why we're doing our best to protect our workforce and help limit the spread of the virus within our own communities.  We're finding new and creative ways to keep charging forward, staying laser-focused on our most critical functions to protect the American people and to ensure we have continuity of operations.  As with any crisis, the people we serve count on us to answer the call at a moment's notice. 

  Beyond our usual national security and criminal work, we're investigating new fraud schemes and cyber crimes by those seeking to take advantage of innocent people already facing so much hardship.  We're seeing criminals hoard life-saving medical supplies and equipment, which they then resell at exorbitant prices. We also remain concerned about the potential for hate crimes by individuals and groups targeting minority populations in the United States who they believe are responsible for the spread of the virus.  We'll stay focused on these kinds of investigations, and we welcome any referrals your agency might have on similar incidents. 

  None of us knows yet what the lasting effects of this pandemic will be, but as always, law enforcement will play a vital role in keeping folks safe from harm.  Standing together means supporting each other and helping each other in any way we can.  I hope you will remain tightly connected to your local FBI field offices, who stand ready to assist as always.  Stay safe, strong, and healthy. 


Christopher A. Wray




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