Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Fair Retirement Act HR 2294

FLEOA Hails the Introduction of the LEO Fair Retirement Act

Recently, Reps. Peter King (R-NY) and Bill Pascarell (D-NJ), who is also the Co-Chair of the House of Representatives Law Enforcement Caucus, reintroduced H.R. 2294, the "LEO Fair Retirement Act."

A proposal developed by FLEOA in the 114th Congress, this bill would allow all overtime compensation considered as premium pay and subject to the annual pay cap under 5 USC 5547 to be used in calculating a "High 3" for retirement purposes.This includes LEAP pay earned, but never compensated, due to the GS15/Step 10 pay cap. This is a groundbreaking bill in the world of federal law enforcement pensions.

Over the past several years, FLEOA has been in a constant battle with Members of Congress who wanted to reduce of eliminate federal law enforcement pensions. At one point, Congress wanted to increase law enforcement (FERS 6C) pension contributions to 7 percent. After showing Members of Congress the error of that route, they settled on increasing law enforcement pension contributions for all newly hired federal law enforcement officers to 3.2 percent. This increase in contributions occured without a commensurate increase in pension benefits - the new people paid more but got the same pension.

Now the LEO Fair Retirement Act (H.R. 2294) provides a back end remedy for law enforcement by allowing aHigh-3 pension calculation based upon their total earned salary vs just the paycap level.

This is the only legislation to be introduced to aid federal law enforcement pensions by fixing the unfair practice of denying federal law enforcement officers a pension calculation for the full and true salary.

FLEOA would like to thank Rep Peter King and Rep Bill Pascarell for their leadership with this important fairness issue. They have been stalwart champions on federal law enforcement pay and benefit issues--including leading the charge on the "Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act"--and FLEOAlooks forward to working with them towards the bill's passage into law.


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